FSCM Series - Laboratory line for powder coatings


Laboratory co-rotating twin-screw extruders for the development and testing of new powder coatings formulations. We handle a wide range of resins, also delivering complete lines, from mixing to flake production.

Since 1996, TSA Industriale has specialized in the production of extruders configured "ad hoc" according to the application destination of the processed material, capable of producing a wide range of compounds for small or large batches.
With a 100% Made in Italy design and production, we manufacture twin screw extruders for powder coatings and complete extrusion lines, ensuring high performance and optimized machinery also from an energy point of view.

Other lines of co-rotating twin screw extruders

Using a team of qualified designers, engineers and workers, we constantly optimize our machinery and develop tailor-made solutions for "your specific or new materials":

Compound / Masterbatch Production Lines
Compound / Masterbatch Laboratory Lines
Industrial paint Production Lines

How to receive information about FSCM Series Twin Screw Extruders

Receiving information or advice on FSCM Series extruders is easy and without commitment.
TSA team can be contacted from Monday to Friday 7.30-12.00 e 13.00-17.00 at the Number +39 031 334 7094 or by E-mail info@tsaindustriale.com
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