Laboratory tests


The versatility of the extruders in our test laboratory and a team of highly qualified technicians guarantee the customer the opportunity to test their products and develop new ones, taking advantage of a punctual and flexible service.

Thanks to the know-how acquired in 25 years of experience and the high adaptability of the extruders in our test laboratory, with the research and experimentation service we treat a wide range of polymers and blends, satisfying the multiple needs of the compound - masterbatch - industries. powder coatings - Hot Melt - pharmaceutical - food.

What kind of services does TSA Industriale offer in its extrusion test laboratory

In our factory we have set up a dedicated area with a complete laboratory line to test your products on our systems and we are able to recommend the best solutions based on the type of application you wish to obtain.

Furthermore, by taking advantage of hour / day packages designed on your specific requests, we offer you the possibility to develop new formulations, supporting you with our team of engineers and specialized technicians.

The analysis of all the parameters found on the extruded products allows us to guarantee you an "ad hoc" configuration of the machinery (screw replacement, addition of lateral feeders, modification of the length / diameter cylinder ratio, etc.) so that they perfectly meet your needs, before proceeding with the construction of the definitive production plant.

In the Luisago production site, the Customer can participate in the design, assembly and testing of the systems, and can also visit the Cernobbio plant equipped with 4 and 5 axis machining centers where screw, liner and other machine components are produced.
Laboratory tests co-rotating twin screw extruders

How to contact us for further information on the laboratory testing service

Receiving additional information on the laboratory testing service is simple and without obligation.
Our operators can be contacted from Monday to Friday 7.30-12.00 and 13.00-17.00 at the number +39 031 334 7094 or via E-mail

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