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TSA Industriale was founded in 1996 in Cernobbio (Como) on the initiative of Dr. Tiziano Terenghi, Giovanni Secchi and Carlo Aurisano. The passion for the sector and the union of their experiences in the use, sale and mechanical construction of extruders, has allowed the creation of a first prototype with a diameter of 21mm, to which other models have been added over the years.

TSA Industriale is an Italian company that deals with the design, production and construction of extrusion plants for the plastics sector, colorant / additive masterbatches, thermoplastic compounds, powder paints, Hot Melt hot melt glues, drugs, food and, in general, for all products that require intimate mixing that can be processed with an extruder.
TSA Industriale
Over the years the company has expanded its range of products and, with a continuous improvement of machinery and processes, today TSA builds co-rotating twin-screw extruders with a diameter from 15mm to 80mm and complete extrusion lines (from dosing to collecting the finished material. ) for different application fields.

The company is constantly evolving and has been able to grow in tune with the changing needs of the market and establish itself in the main sectors of production of extrusion technologies.

Identifying the customer's needs, analyzing the feasibility of the request, defining the economic offer and verifying the production costs, are our starting point for each of our projects.

Passion, technology and staff quality are for us the means to devise optimal solutions with the right balance between design, innovation and production needs.

Furthermore, in the Luisago production site, the Customer can participate in the assembly and testing of machinery, as well as use the testing laboratory, while he can visit the Cernobbio plant equipped with 4 and 5 axis machining centers where screw, liner and screw sectors are produced and other machine components.

TSA Industriale is ...

TSA Industriale is ...

Quality, speed, precision, efficiency and a guarantee of reliability.

Specialists in co-rotating twin-screw extrusion for the past 25 years

Professionalism, quality and experience are the main characteristics that have allowed us and allow us to be internationally recognized as reliable interlocutors in the supply of twin-screw extrusion systems for plastic polymers.

In order to be a partner for the customer, and not just a supplier, we offer a 360° service, ensuring competence, attention and flexibility at every stage: design, construction, testing, after-sales assistance all over the world, direct and / or remotely.

Our strengths: customized machinery, with high technological standards and excellent quality / price ratio, speed of execution, respect for delivery times and timely responses.

We guarantee a "tailor-made" design and construction

With an Italian design and production, we manufacture laboratory and / or production extruders and complete lines, ensuring machinery optimized from a production and energy point of view.

Thanks to a test laboratory, available to customers for tests or experiments, with precise analysis of the extruded material, all our systems are configured "ad hoc" based on the intended purpose of the processed product.

With the aim of simplifying and speeding up monitoring and maintenance operations as much as possible, our co-rotating twin-screw extruders have a plasticizing chamber that can be opened like a book and screws with modular elements.
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