Twin screw extruders for masterbatches


Thanks to twenty years of experience in the production of twin-screw extruders for masterbatches, we ensure technologically innovative machinery and a fast after-sales service, directly and remotely, all over the world.

Masterbatches are particular liquid or solid additives which, when mixed with plastic polymers, increase and / or confer specific properties to plastic materials (greater resistance, heat / light stability, flexural rigidity, better printability, etc.).
The wide range of additives available on the market can be divided into three macro-families: Color Masterbatch (pigments for coloring), Masterbatch Additives (flame retardant, antistatic, sliding, blowing agents, antioxidants, UV stabilizers, etc.) and Combined Masterbatches ( a mix of additives + pigments).
In the extrusion process, the pure polymer pellets are homogeneously mixed with the additives / pigments (chosen according to the application for which the product is intended), then solidified into granules (through a spaghetti or underwater system) and packaged in bags.
With a "Made in Italy" design and production, TSA Industriale supplies twin-screw extruders for masterbatches and complete extrusion lines (from dosing to collecting the finished product), ensuring machinery configured "ad hoc" and optimized from an energy and production point of view.

What kind of services do we offer with the production of twin-screw extruders for masterbatches

We offer a 360° service (from design to after-sales assistance all over the world), becoming the ideal interlocutor for those looking for a flexible, efficient company that is always available even after the machinery has been delivered.

A peculiarity of the twin-screw extruders for masterbatch supplied by TSA Industriale is the plasticizing chamber that can be opened like a book and screws with modular elements. With this exclusive structure (of our design) the monitoring and ordinary maintenance of the machinery become simple and quick.

By putting at your disposal a test laboratory equipped with a dedicated extrusion line, we test the products, also supporting you in the development of new materials. The analysis of the results obtained from the tests allows us to proceed with a "tailor-made" configuration of the systems, so that they respond specifically to your individual needs.

By supporting you at every stage, we guarantee continuous support also in the testing process (in our factory and / or in the customer's company), in the supply of spare parts (thanks to a stock in the warehouse of the main components) and in after-sales assistance (remotely or direct worldwide).
We ensure timely and comprehensive services that significantly reduce customers' production downtime.
Co-rotating twin screw extruder for masterbatch

Why contact TSA Industriale for the production of twin screw extruders for masterbatches

Professionalism, quality and experience are the main characteristics that have allowed us and allow us to be internationally recognized as reliable interlocutors in the supply of twin-screw extrusion systems for plastic polymers.
The machinery with high technological standards and excellent quality / price ratio, the possibility of customization, the speed of execution and compliance with delivery times, make TSA Industriale the ideal company for those looking for a professional and "tailor-made" service for the design and construction of twin-screw extruders for masterbatches.
Our relationship with the customer does not end with the delivery of the products, but continues in the after-sales service, with which we guarantee the prompt resolution of problems, with on-site and / or remote interventions anywhere in the world.
At the Luisago production site, the Customer can participate in the assembly and testing of machinery, and can also visit the Cernobbio plant equipped with 4 and 5-axis machining centers where screw, liner and other machine components are produced.

How to request a consultation or quote for twin screw extruders for masterbatches

Receiving advice or a free quote for the construction of twin-screw extruders for masterbatches is simple and without obligation.
Our operators can be contacted from Monday to Friday 7.30-12.00 and 13.00-17.00 at the number +39 031 334 7094 or via E-mail

TSA Industriale Srl is based in Luisago - Como, in via Industria 16 / B and is active all over the world.
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