Twin screw extruders for Hot Melt industry


Since 1996, we have been designing and manufacturing twin-screw extruders for the Hot Melt industry, guaranteeing customizable machinery and 360° advice that ends with prompt after-sales assistance all over the world.

Hot Melt is the most widely used hot-melt adhesive glue in all industrial sectors: construction, automotive, graphic arts, medical, textile, furniture, etc. for the operations of packaging and assembly of materials that are also very different from each other.
It is a thermoplastic product generated through an extrusion process, capable of creating sticks or granules of plastic polymers (polyester PL, polyamide PA, polyethylene PE, polypropylene PP), solvent-free, therefore ecological and non-toxic.
TSA Industriale is an Italian company with over 20 years of specialization in the design and manufacture of extruders for hot-melt adhesives and thermoplastic polymers, designed "to measure" to meet the most diverse customer needs.
We not only supply twin-screw extruders for the Hot Melt industry, ensuring Made in Italy machinery, with high quality standards (production efficiency - long life - energy optimization) and Siemens electronic components, but we offer a quick and comprehensive after-sales service everywhere in the world.

What service do we offer with the production of twin screw extruders for the Hot Melt industry

With the goal of becoming a partner of customers, with twin-screw extruders for the production of Hot Melt we offer 360° advice, ensuring flexibility and timeliness at every stage:

- Design and Laboratory Tests. With a pilot extrusion line we test your products and develop new ones. The analysis of the extrusions obtained allows us to configure the "ad hoc" machines so that they perfectly meet your needs.

- Production (plus of our extruders). Plasticization chamber that can be opened like a book and screws with modular elements. This exclusive structure simplifies and speeds up routine monitoring and maintenance operations.

- Testing. Mainly in our factory, but we are also available to proceed elsewhere, according to requests.

- Supply of spare parts. Thanks to a well-stocked stock warehouse, we ship quickly.

- After-sales assistance. We ensure prompt resolution of problems anywhere in the world, both with direct intervention and with remote assistance.
Co-rotating twin screw extruders for Hot Melt industry

Why contact us for the production of twin screw extruders for Hot Melt

Professionalism, quality and experience are the main characteristics that have allowed us and allow us to be internationally recognized as reliable interlocutors in the supply of laboratory extrusion and production plants for plastic polymers.
The machinery with high technological standards and excellent quality / price ratio, the possibility of customization, the speed of execution and compliance with delivery times, make TSA Industriale the ideal company for those looking for a professional and "tailor-made" service for the design and construction of twin-screw extruders for the Hot Melt industry.
Our relationship with the customer does not end with the delivery of the products, but continues in the after-sales service, with which we guarantee the prompt resolution of problems, with on-site and / or remote interventions anywhere in the world.
At the Luisago production site, the Customer can participate in the assembly and testing of machinery, and can also visit the Cernobbio plant equipped with 4 and 5-axis machining centers where screw, liner and other machine components are produced.

How to request a quote for twin screw extruders for the Hot Melt industry

Receiving advice or a quote for the supply of co-rotating twin-screw extruders for Hot Melt is simple and without obligation.
Our operators can be contacted from Monday to Friday 7.30-12.00 and 13.00-17.00 at the number +39 031 334 7094 or via E-mail

TSA Industriale Srl is based in Luisago - Como, in via Industria 16 / B and is active all over the world.
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